Texas Dexter Breeders Association

Youth Programs

An award sponsored by the American Dexter Cattle Association

This award celebrates and honors the memory of a beloved Dexter owner/breeder and ADCA leader. Chris Odom was a Dexter breeder for only three short years before his untimely death. In this short time us, he overwhelmed the Dexter world with his strong desire and initiative to create a vibrant youth program. Not only did he want it, he made it happen. He and the love of his life, Mickey Bush, went above and beyond, and because of their generosity and devotion in both time and money, Dexter cattle became part of one of the largest international livestock shows in the nation, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. From its inception, this livestock show included and emphasized youth classes. Chris and Mickey recognized that the future success of the Dexter breed in the United States depended on a young generation learning the skills needed to promote, care for, and exhibit our unique breed of small cattle. It is for that reason this award is being offered to Dexter cattle junior exhibitors throughout the United States, in appreciation and memory of Chris Odom.

Many thanks to Mickey Bush for helping bring Chris Odom's vision into reality and encouraging our junior exhibitors with this special honor and recognition of their achievements.

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